ASIAN WOMEN & CHILDRENS CENTERS is a non-profit foundation dedicated in eliminating the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, child labor and the oppression of girls/women in India. We provide education, nutrition and medical programs to these poor unfortunate people of India. The impact of educating girls/women has been shown to result in rapid improvements in family planning, nutrition, health and income and is seen as one of the best tools for promoting social and economic development.

AWCC provides all the necessities for these girls/women to become successful individuals. We are currently educating 200 Muslim girls and women who have long been left behind due to lack of education. Their segregation and isolation has separated them from having a connection with the community and knowledge that could help them improve their lives and those of their families. Our strategy is personal involvement in administering funds and working on a one-on-one basis with them. We provide moral and emotional support along with material necessities.

Every dollar AWCC receives, 100% goes towards its mission of providing both basic and higher education with computer skills. With this education comes hope of good jobs, a higher standard of living and new skills for the community.